Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our whole community was involved with the project from the very beginning. The women were called to assist with the blessing of the log.

People of all ages were keen to contribute their ideas to reflect our local community (including farming, the sea, music and nature), and to carve the symbols into the pole.

The finished pole was carried in procession behind the Stromness Royal British Legion Pipe Band on a perfect September day.

Xwa Lack Tun guided the groups bearing the ropes to lift the pole into postion.

The First Nation Carvers from Vancouver, Ray Natrall, Xwa Lack Tun and Drew Atkins with Andrew Drever, Co-ordinator of the project. Jordon Seward had returned home earlier. Andrew was made an Honorary Chief for the day.


Anonymous said...

How impressive! I knew when we saw it that obviously a lot of work went in to this totem, but how beautiful to see the children and adults all involved in making this monument.
So solemn and remarkable it was to see. I'm glad now to know about it!

I Drever said...

Thank you for you comment. We realised that some of our photos had been lost on the blog, so hope you might have time for another look now that we've refreshed it. It was a very special time, and the friendships have continued with visits to Canada to see the carvers. Many happy memories!